Criminal case follows civil suit against Harvey Weinstein

Criminal case follows civil suit against Harvey Weinstein

Ea woman serving as a plaintiff in the recent criminal case against Harvey Weinstein occurred, is now also taking civil action against the former film producer. The model filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles for sexual assault and emotional distress, several US media reported on Thursday (local time).

In the criminal trial involving allegations by four women, Weinstein was found guilty in December by a California jury on three counts, including rape, found guilty. He was acquitted on one point, and there was no agreement on three other points. He faces a long prison sentence. The sentence is still pending.

The three guilty verdicts concerned an anonymous model who said on the witness stand that she traveled to Hollywood from Rome in February 2013 for a film festival. Weinstein came into her hotel room on the pretext that he wanted to talk. He forced her to have oral sex and raped her there.

compensation for the rape

The woman is now seeking undisclosed damages in her civil lawsuit for “the horrific rape” and the resulting problems she’s struggled with over the past decade, her attorney said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Weinstein (70) has been in prison since 2020. A trial in New York for rape and sexual assault ended with a guilty verdict and a 23-year prison sentence. Weinstein’s legal team has appealed the verdict. The ex-producer has consistently denied any guilt, claiming sexual acts were always consensual.

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