Courtney Cox regrets spoiling her beauty with fillers and the like

Courtney Cox regrets spoiling her beauty with fillers and the like

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Courtney Cox on her spoiled beauty by fillers and Co: “I screwed up a lot”

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox has been overdoing it for years.

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Courtney Cox didn’t want to age, so she became a regular at the Beauty Doc. In the meantime, the actress regrets her exaggerated obsession with youth. In a podcast she has now spoken about false self-images and the return to naturalness.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. In case of Courtney Cox her own eyes have betrayed her for years. The actress resisted her own aging process for a long time and was a regular customer at the Beauty Doc. She didn’t notice that she was messing up her good looks instead of preserving them. Instead, she allowed more and more to be done to her – a mistake, as she now knows. In the “Gloss Angeles” podcast, Cox has now spoken about the vicious circle in which she was stuck at the time and a face that was only partially salvageable.

Courtney Cox had her face done so much that she was almost unrecognizable. She speaks of a domino effect and also that she herself did not realize how drastic the visual changes had been. You stand in front of the mirror and think you look good. “You don’t notice what it looks like to outsiders,” she said.

Courtney Cox didn’t want to age at all

And so an injection was followed by another injection, more and more filler from one filler. “You don’t realize you’re looking a little bit off and then you keep doing more because you look normal to yourself,” says Cox. Today she knows that she overdid it with the anti-aging procedures. “You screwed up a lot,” she said.

In the past few years, Cox had repeatedly talked about her obsession with youth spoken. As early as 2017, she explained to “NewBeauty” that she wanted to keep up, didn’t accept aging and thus “made everything worse”. But at that point, Cox hadn’t really gotten used to the natural aging process. In the past year, she once again succumbed to her old vices of “injections and other treatments.” But that’s finally over now, she said in the podcast.

The “Friends” star is purified, even tried to save what could be saved and had the fillers removed again. “Luckily was able to undo most of that,” she concluded on the podcast. Cox is now 58 years old and is now finally at her natural age – also visually.

Source: Gloss Angeles, Page Six, People

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