Court rejects urgent appeal against gender in schools

Court rejects urgent appeal against gender in schools

Dhe Berlin administrative court has rejected the urgent entry of a father of two high school students against the use of gender-neutral language in school. Against the background of the state’s educational mandate, it was not apparent that the school supervisory board would have to intervene, the court ruled on Monday.

In a free-democratic community, the school can also be open to a wide range of opinions and views.

The school management would have the teachers that genders The court made it clear that the instruction was free in class and at the same time it was pointed out that the spelling rules had to be observed. The use of gender-neutral language in teaching materials does not exceed the leeway granted by the framework curricula.

Gender-neutral communication with parents and students is also not objectionable, “since this remains sufficiently understandable in view of the broad public discussion, even when special characters are used”.

The court is convinced that the principle of political neutrality in school service is not violated either. Gendering is not accompanied by any political expression of opinion, especially since doing without it would also allow for a political attribution. The father had also not demonstrated any unreasonable disadvantages for his children.

They are “basically to be expected to be confronted with the views and values ​​of a pluralistic society – despite a possible contradiction to their own convictions”.

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