Costs, stadiums, sustainability and dead guest workers

VFrom this Sunday until the final on December 18, the 2022 World Cup will take place in the desert emirate of Qatar. 32 teams play for the most important title in international football. But the focus is not only on sport.

How much does the World Cup in Qatar cost?

Qatar is silent about the actual costs of this World Cup, but one thing is certain: This World Cup is the most expensive in the history of football. Even more: The current tournament probably costs more than all previous 21 world championships together. According to various reports and experts, this year’s World Cup may have swallowed up more than 200 billion dollars (currently around 193 billion euros).

By way of comparison, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil cost around $15 billion, while the 2018 tournament in Russia cost around $11.6 billion. In 2006, Germany even managed with the equivalent of only around 4.3 billion dollars. The World Cup in Qatar will not be held in twelve stadiums as has been the case up to now, but only in eight.

A large part of the money has flowed into the infrastructure in Qatar: into a new, electric metro system, into the conversion and expansion of the airport in doha, into dozens of new hotels, new roads and amusement parks. All of this is part of the Qatar National Vision 2030 project. According to the Doha News, the World Cup stadiums themselves only cost around 6.5 billion dollars. Six arenas were built specifically for the tournament and two were remodeled.

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