Corona pandemic: 75 percent of the German population is now basic immunized

corona pandemic
75 percent of the German population is now basic immunized

Vaccination Drive-In in Berlin Lichtenberg

In Germany, at least 62.4 million people have received basic protection against the corona virus. Photo: Christophe Gateau/dpa

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The vaccination campaign in Germany is currently progressing slowly. But now a milestone has been reached.

In the fight against that Coronavirus three quarters of the German population are now basic immunized.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Thursday, at least 62.4 million people or 75 percent of the population have received basic protection, which usually requires two injections. “Unfortunately, this rate is far too low to largely abolish protective measures. So please get vaccinated/boosted if you have the opportunity,” wrote the RKI on Twitter. Of the 175,000 vaccine doses administered on Wednesday, 40,000 resulted in a primary vaccination – 122,000 doses were injected as booster vaccinations.

A total of 46.5 million people (55.9 percent) received at least one booster shot. 63.3 million people or 76.2 percent of the population received a dose of the vaccine. 19.8 million people are unvaccinated. This corresponds to 23.8 percent of the population. However, no vaccine has been approved for four million of them (4.8 percent) because they are four years old or younger.

The RKI has long pointed out that the figures shown are to be understood as minimum vaccination rates. A hundred percent coverage by the reporting system cannot be achieved. The RKI assumes that the actual vaccination rate is up to five percentage points higher than indicated on the dashboard.


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