Contagious: brooches are in, and stars show them how to wear them

Brooches are the jewel of the hour. Queen Elizabeth II never went to any occasion without the accessory, now they also wear style icons. And soon maybe King Charles III.

By Marcus Luft

as donald trump traveled to Great Britain on a state visit a few years ago, Queen Elizabeth II apologized at the first meeting. Instead of shaking hands with the then president, she preferred to receive clergymen that day. She wore a special piece of jewelery to the audience, a flower brooch that she had received as a gift from Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, in 2011.

Although the Queen managed not to comment publicly on political issues during her 70-year reign, she could not resist wearing jewelry with a pungent effect. The picture of her brooch went around the world, her negative attitude towards Trump became more than clear.

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