Consumer advocates advise reading the gas and electricity meter readings

VConsumer advocates advise reading and writing down the meter readings for electricity and gas these days. That could make sense in order to possibly overpay because of the overturned at the last moment gas surcharge to be able to reclaim, said Udo Sieverding, energy specialist at the consumer center in NRW, the editorial network Germany.

The gas surcharge should actually have been introduced on October 1st, but was met with growing criticism. Only on Thursday, after a lengthy discussion, did the federal government announce that the levy should not come after all. The repeal regulation was formally decided on Friday, and it will only take effect retrospectively next Tuesday.

Criticism by Merz and Fuest

Almost all gas suppliers had already made corresponding price adjustments for October. Consumer advocate Sieverding recommends paying excessive deductions first. The entrepreneurs assured that the adjustment would be made quickly and that any excess payments would be settled with the annual statement at the latest.

The actions of the federal government with a view to the planned gas price brake are meanwhile causing criticism from the CDU leader Friedrich Merz and Ifo President Clemens Fuest. Merz accused the government of acting too late. Fuest criticized the fact that large sums were promised, although the gas price brake project was still very vague.

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