Construction work for LPG connection started in Brunsbüttel

Im Schleswig-Holstein Brunsbuettel Construction work has begun to connect a floating liquid gas terminal to the gas network. The line should be completed “this winter” and the first load of liquid gas (LNG) fed into the network, as Stefan Wenzel (Greens), State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics, explained. This is an important contribution to securing the energy supply.

In response to the lack of natural gas deliveries from Russia, the federal government has leased five floating liquid gas terminals on the coasts of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. The special ships can take liquefied natural gas from tankers and turn it into gas again on board. It is then to be fed into the supply network and distributed further via pipelines.

In Brunsbüttel, this requires a new gas pipeline three kilometers long, the laying of which has now begun. "This means that a partial volume of up to 3.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year can be made available for households and industry in Germany and Europe," explained the network operators Gasunie Deutschland and Schleswig-Holstein Netz.

The other locations for the floating LNG terminals are Wilhelmshaven and Stade in Lower Saxony and Lubmin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In Wilhelmshaven, one of two special ships is also scheduled to start operations this winter, while the other is scheduled to start the following winter. In addition, gas is to be delivered in Lubmin in December via a privately operated LNG terminal.

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