Conflicts: Russia: Americans arrested for espionage

Russia: American arrested for espionage

That "big house": The headquarters of the local domestic intelligence agency FSB in St. Petersburg.  Photo: Ulf Mauder/dpa

The “Big House”: The headquarters of the local domestic secret service FSB in St. Petersburg. photo

© Ulf Mauder/dpa

An American is said to have collected secret information on the “biological issue” and sent it to Washington. He has now been arrested and faces up to 20 years in prison.

of Russia According to its own statements, the domestic secret service FSB has arrested an American for espionage. The FSB announced in Moscow that criminal proceedings had been instituted against him.

It was said that his activities were directed against the security of the Russian Federation. He called details FSB Not. The man faces up to 20 years in prison. For the Kremlin, such cases are considered “valuable bargaining chips” to free Russians imprisoned in the United States. Recently, the US and Russia had repeatedly exchanged prisoners.

According to the Russian opposition figure, the recent release of US citizens has shown Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin that it is time to replenish the “exchange fund”. Leonid Volkov in his exile abroad. “Every foreigner in Russia is now first and foremost potentially someone for the exchange fund,” said Volkov, who works for Alexei Navalny, a Putin opponent who is imprisoned in the prison camp.

The apparatus of power Moscow has long been criticized for constructing procedures against foreigners in order to then exchange them for Russians who are imprisoned in other countries.

Brothers in Sweden because of espionage condemned for Russia

Meanwhile, two brothers in Sweden have been sentenced to long prison terms for serious espionage for Russia. The older of the two was sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Stockholm, the younger to nine years and ten months. There is no doubt that the brothers obtained, transported and disclosed information for Russia and the Russian military intelligence service GRU, the court said. Disclosure of this information to a foreign power could harm Sweden’s security.

The 42 and 35-year-old men were each found guilty of aggravated espionage, and the older man of the unauthorized handling of secret information. According to the indictment, the older man was employed by the Swedish intelligence service Säpo and the military and obtained the documents as part of these jobs. The younger one took part in the planning of the crimes and maintained contacts with Russia and the GRU.

The two accused have consistently denied the allegations, which relate to a period of around ten years. They were taken into custody in September and November 2021 respectively. Since a lot of secret information played a role in the process, it mostly took place behind closed doors.


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