Conflicts: North Korea passes law on pre-emptive nuclear strike

North Korea passes pre-emptive nuclear strike law

A new law provides for an automatic nuclear strike in the event of a provocation. This means that North Korea’s status as a nuclear power has become “irreversible,” according to the country’s state media.

North Korea has enshrined in law the use of nuclear weapons in the event of an impending attack. The new law stipulates that a nuclear strike can be carried out automatically in order to destroy the source of the provocation, the country’s state media reported, according to South Korean broadcasters.

It was therefore passed at a session of the Supreme People’s Assembly – North Korea’s powerless parliament. With the law, the country’s status as a nuclear weapons state has become irreversible, it said. North Korea is subject to tough international sanctions because of its nuclear weapons program. The authoritarian country already describes itself in its constitution as a nuclear power.


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