Conflicts: Bushman: Are obliged to arrest Putin

Conflicts: Bushman: Are obliged to arrest Putin

Bushman: Are obliged to arrest Putin

FDP politician and Federal Minister of Justice: Marco Buschmann.  Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa

FDP politician and Federal Minister of Justice: Marco Buschmann. photo

© Michael Kappeler/dpa

Arrest warrant against Kremlin chief Putin for war crimes in Ukraine: Germany stands ready to arrest him if he enters the country Moscow accuses Berlin of an escalation course.

According to the arrest warrant of International Criminal Court (ICC) against Russian President Vladimir Putin, Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann explained the importance of the decision for Germany.

“I expect that the ICC will respond quickly Interpol as well as the contracting states and will ask for enforcement,” said the FDP politician of the “Bild am Sonntag”.

“Germany is then obliged President Putinif he enters German territory, to be detained and handed over to the ICC,” said Buschmann. Unlike national law enforcement agencies, the court in The Hague can, according to its case law, also take action against heads of state.

“Irresponsible statements by some German representatives”

The Kremlin reiterated that Russia does not recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC. “Russia is doing and will do what suits its interests,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Bushmans utterances.

The Russian Ambassador in Berlin, Sergei Nechayev, threw Germany an escalation course. “The irresponsible statements by some German officials that they support and are prepared to implement the illegal and utterly absurd ICC decision are extremely worrying and indicate how far removed from reality they are in their quest to further escalate the conflict with Russia let it go,” said the diplomat. The national investigative committee in Moscow announced an examination of Bushman’s statements and a reaction.

The court in The Hague, Netherlands, issued an arrest warrant against Putin for war crimes in Ukraine on Friday. Investigators blame him for kidnapping children from occupied Ukrainian territory to Russian territory. Russia emphasizes that it has brought the children to safety before the fighting during the war. In addition to Russia, the USA and China also do not recognize the court. In total, more than 120 countries have ratified the Rome Statute.


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