Conference League: "Affengeil": Cologne celebrates a peaceful European Cup festival

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"Affengeil": Cologne celebrates a peaceful European Cup festival

1. FC Köln is relieved - for several reasons.  Photo: Federico Gambarini/dpa

1. FC Köln is relieved - for several reasons. photo

© Federico Gambarini/dpa

After the final whistle, many at 1. FC Köln were relieved at the 4-2 win over FC Slovácko. But also because after the riots in Nice everything remained peaceful this time.

Stephen Baumgart embarrassed the Czech interpreter with his robust euphoria.

"Affengeil" is the mood at 4: 2 of the 1. FC Cologne in the Conference League against FC Slovácko, said the coach. The translator explained that there was no equivalent for this word in Czech and had to laugh heartily.

But it wasn't just his first victory in the European Cup, which made Baumgart so happy. Rather, it was the circumstances. That the coach, unlike the 1-1 draw in Nice, didn't have to sit locked in the stands, but was allowed to romp around on the sidelines; and that the 47,700 spectators in the Cologne stadium just celebrated a peaceful European Cup festival without any discord after the riots in the previous week.

Baumgart: "There is nothing hotter"

"There's nothing hotter," said Baumgart. "The boys work their butts off on the pitch, and so do those up there. That's all you can do." That is also the motto for the next European Cup games: "We should make it a holiday and enjoy it."

After the jump to the top of the table in group D, the fans kept singing "Leader" and the long-running hit "European Cup" to the melody of Udo Jürgens' evergreen "Greek Wine". And match winner Dejan Ljubicic enthused: "It's always a motivation when it's so peaceful and loud."

He was happy "when an entire stadium marches in one direction," said Baumgart. "The spectators pushed the boys forward even in difficult situations." And there was no doubt when the Cologne team completely lost their heads after a 2-0 lead at the break. Goalkeeper Marvin Schwäbe, who was once again strong, called it a "little drop-out" and was allowed to be captain for the first time. Suddenly it was 2:2 and the actually second-rate Czech Cup winner pushed for the opening goal.

Best players left out

But with the addition of the two leaders Jonas Hector and Ellyes Skhiri, Baumgart calmed the game. Before kick-off, many people questioned the fact that in the two and Florian Kainz the three best players of the season so far had all been left out. "From their point of view, I can understand that they see it as a risk," said Baumgart. "I saw it as an opportunity. My job is to turn incomplete players into ready players. For that they also need pressure experiences like this."

Among other things, the Austrian Ljubicic, who scored 3: 2 and 4: 2 on Wednesday, made an excellent development. Or an "exquisite" development, as Baumgart called it. The coach then wondered himself. "That's actually not my way of saying it." At least she had herself translated into Czech. With Vyborny.


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