Concerns about the future of the pension schemes

WAccording to the traffic light government, if you decide to become self-employed, you should be able to opt out of the statutory pension insurance (GRV) and switch to a private pension product. That's what the coalition agreement says. The first choice for liberal professions such as tax consultants, auditors, notaries and lawyers is membership in one of the professional pension schemes.

Their future will be discussed on Wednesday at the German Lawyers' Day in Bonn fiercely debated: The specialist department for labor and social law, chaired by Rainer Schlegel, President of the Federal Social Court (BSG), deals with the competing relationship between pension insurance, civil service pensions and pension schemes in the first pillar of old-age provision.

Nervousness is growing among the self-employed. Because Schlegel, the highest social judge in the republic, has positioned himself in advance. He calls for an end to exemptions. The self-employed, civil servants and judges should pay into the GRV. "Everyone has to make a contribution to stabilizing the old-age pension system, not just the dependent employees, by being expected to retire later," writes the BSG President in the current issue of the "New Journal for Social Law".

Groundbreaking decision

His word could have immense weight for the decision recommendation next Friday. On the other hand, one of the experts, the Münster law professor Heinz-Dietrich Steinmeyer, is clearly in favor of keeping the professional pension schemes and the pension scheme for civil servants.

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