Concept: Hypersonic aircraft to fly over the Atlantic at 4000 km/h

Watch the video: Futuristic concept – hypersonic plane with 4000 km/h to fly from London to New York in 80 minutes.

From New York to London in 80 minutes – this hypersonic plane is set to revolutionize travel.

At least when it comes to the Spanish designer Oscar Viñals.

170 passengers are to travel at a speed of around 4000 km/h.

However, implementation is currently unlikely.

Because the concept, if it ever becomes reality, is still a dream of the future – because the necessary technologies have yet to be invented.

Among other things, the cold fusion, which should serve as the drive for the project. So far, however, this has been a theoretical consideration for generating energy through a controlled core meltdown at room temperature.

The US Department of Energy rates the realization of this technology as wishful thinking.

So the dream of this 100-meter hypersonic aircraft remains just a futuristic concept for the time being.

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