Companies turn down the heating in the office

WIf things go badly, Germany is threatened with serious supply bottlenecks in natural gas and electricity this winter. Word should have gotten around by now. But if you really haven't noticed it yet, Stefan Wolf, boss of the metal industry, has now given you a helping hand.

Marcus Theurer

Editor in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

The Swabian, whose main job is managing the automotive supplier Elring-Klinger from Bad Urach, went public with a sensational message in an interview: "I believe that there are many employees who are trying to save electricity and thus costs for the company and secure their jobs by working from home,” said Wolf. He added boldly: "I expect that, too." The manager's calculations are obvious: if the employees at home in the energy-saving home office slip on the knitted sweater, the heating in the offices can be turned off.

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