Commerzbank leaves the Gallileo

Commerzbank leaves the Gallileo

The high-rise building Gallileo in Frankfurt. The English Theater is located on the ground floor
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This skyscraper in Frankfurt, the former West LB, Aareal Bank, DZ Bank and Apobank are making a name for themselves with news. Have you heard that…?

… the Commerzbank will be moving out of the Gallileo high-rise on the Gallusanlage in Frankfurt at the end of 2022 and merging its departments, which have been thinned out in the past few months, in the headquarters on Kaiserplatz, just a few dozen meters away?

… the role of the former Landesbank West LB should be worked out more in the cum-ex scandal? At least that’s what the new black-green state government in Düsseldorf has planned according to the coalition agreement.

… in the Aareal Bank the previous General Manager Nina Babic, who replaced Christiane Kunisch-Wolff as a member of the Board of Management responsible for risk on July 1?

… the DZ Bank replaced their head of investment strategy, Christian Kahler, with crypto expert Sören Hettler? Kahler becomes self-employed as a fund initiator.

… the pharmacy and doctor’s bank After an IT breakdown and the departure of your CEO Ulrich Sommer, you now had to accept the downgrading of your credit rating to “Aa1” by the rating agency Moody’s?

… the American banks after the Fed’s stress test are they now paying out some of their capital reserves? Morgan Stanley doubled its dividend in the third quarter, Goldman Sachs also raised it sharply, JP Morgan and Bank of America slightly.

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