Cologne’s mayor Reker does not want to give in to climate activists

Cologne’s mayor Reker does not want to give in to climate activists

Köln’s mayor Henrietta Recker has canceled agreements with the Last Generation Climate Group to avoid roadblocks. “I will not give in to that,” said the non-party politician on Monday on Deutschlandfunk.

The group has offered cities to refrain from future protests and so-called sticking actions if mayors champion the cause of the “Last Generation”. These include a speed limit on motorways, a permanent 9-euro ticket and the establishment of a company council with drawn instead of elected members. The cities of Hanover, Tübingen and Marburg have made such agreements. An ultimatum to Hamburg expires this Monday.

Reker said she was willing to talk, but not under the circumstances. From their point of view, the group’s protests are of no use and an end is a matter of time. “I always rely on people’s ability to understand,” said the mayor.

She voiced criticism of colleagues who enter into agreements. They might have a different idea of ​​democratic processes. In many cases, the actions of the “last generation” are necessary for her, but not “blackmail,” said the lawyer. “It’s not blackmail anyway, because they don’t want money,” she said. In addition to others, the FDP deputy faction leader Konstantin Kuhle had criticized the “Last Generation” blackmail the public.

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