Collection – Pair Finance is sold – Economy

Collection - Pair Finance is sold - Economy

The British investor Pollen Street Capital is now taking over the majority of the Berlin company Pair Finance. Pair Finance was founded in 2016 by the Berlin group Finleap. In 2017, the mail order company Zalando became an investor. Company boss Stephan Stricker has built up a company with 200 employees in six years, which has an annual turnover of around 30 million euros. According to market estimates, this should correspond to around 300 million euros in claims collected. Nobody wants to talk about the valuation, industry circles assume a sum of between 100 million euros and 200 million euros for 100 percent of Pair Finance. The London-based investor’s private equity funds are taking over 60 percent, while Finleap remains on board with a minority. Pair Finance believes it is at the forefront of using artificial intelligence. The company pursues a data-based collection model in which numerous findings are drawn from the ordering process and previous payment behavior. On this basis, Pair addresses those affected personally via email, Whatsapp and other channels, less often via letters. The company also makes proposals to solve payment difficulties, especially payment by installments.

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