Cocaine investigations against Eintracht President Fischer dropped

Cocaine investigations against Eintracht President Fischer dropped

DThe public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt has closed the investigation against the president of Eintracht Frankfurt, Peter Fisher, suspended on suspicion of acquiring and possessing cocaine. The proceedings against Fischer’s partner, his adult son and the household help have also been discontinued.

The public prosecutor’s office said that, in the authority’s view, after the investigation was completed, there was still initial suspicion. However, this could not be substantiated in the sense of sufficient suspicion: It was not possible to determine at what point in time the three accused – or one of them – what specific amount cocaine procured and owned in such a way that Fischer’s 13-year-old son had access to it.

The investigation got underway after the mother of one of the son’s schoolmates filed a criminal complaint in November 2022. Suspicion arose that Fischer’s son had taken “two small bags of cocaine” to school in mid-November in order to consume them with his friend. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the friend stated in his interrogation with the police that the two actually used cocaine together. A hair sample taken from the schoolmate confirmed “that the boy had repeatedly consumed cocaine”.

During a search of Fischer’s apartment at the end of January, the investigators found white residue, which a narcotics detection dog responded to and a rapid drug test was positive. At first it was said that the residue was on a bedside table, but Thursday’s message said it was a bedside table drawer.

Police also found “a small amount of older dried marijuana” and four so-called crushers, which are used to grind marijuana. “It was not possible to unequivocally assign one of the four suspects,” the public prosecutor said.

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