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Right at the beginning of the press conference, Michael Köllner looked as if he wanted to say goodbye again, but that wasn’t necessary. the TSV 1860 Munich finally won again this Saturday, 3:1 (3:0) against FSV Zwickau. If the result was the opposite, the coach probably really should have said goodbye. “I can’t sit,” he said in explanation – lumbago. This accompanied him since Friday. The 53-year-old said with a laugh that he even stood on the bus on the short way to the stadium. Except for his back, he looked relaxed.

He would most likely have been suspended after a defeat, it was “pressure on the kettle”, as Köllner put it. In this respect, the team’s lightning start – 2-0 after seven minutes – could also have been taken as a statement for him. The coach interpreted that differently, the result had “not much to do with me personally” – and his pros didn’t make this clear commitment afterwards either. “As a player, you try to switch that off and concentrate on your job,” replied Fynn Lakenmacher, who scored the 2-0, at Magentasport on the subject of pressure on the coach. You just wanted to show a reaction to the previous poor performance.

Köllner left four regular players on the bench at the beginning. Captain Stefan Lex and attacker Marcel Bär were precautionary measures after illness; in the case of Jesper Verlaat and Christopher Lannert, it’s more a reminder. The impression of the training week also counts for something, the coach pointed out. He had already criticized Verlaat after the 1: 3 in Mannheim a week earlier and after just one bad game he replaced Semi Belkahia, who had played inconspicuously in the training camp, to put it mildly.

Frustration, coincidence or staging? Discarded Köllner autographs are discovered in front of the office

It remains unclear how much support Köllner actually has. If there are other convinced supporters apart from investor Hasan Ismaik, they are hardly heard. the Evening News reported at the weekend that discarded Köllner autographs were found in the paper waste next to the 1860 office. It doesn’t matter whether it’s real Köllner frustration, coincidence or a staging: Köllner opponents are currently experiencing little opposition.

After the success, one thing is also certain: The signing of Raphael Holzhauser, which Köllner urgently demanded, had already paid off after 28 seconds in the game of fate. The second so-called eight, Martin Kobylanski, also scored, that one to make it 3-0 (42nd) – although he had been criticized by Köllner. “The best answer” was that to the criticism of the past few weeks, said Kobylanski, who had covered his ears after his header. Now it has also been shown that he and Holzhauser could stand together on the pitch. Listening to him like that after the game against Zwickau, you could believe there hadn’t been any problems at all before. “Everyone harmonizes with each other,” he said.

After the game, Holzhauser rightly emphasized that “not everything was good yet”. In fact, Sixty had only played energetically for one half, the second half again clearly lacking in ideas. What did the trainer tell you? “That we should have fun. That we have turned our hobby into a profession,” said Holzhauser. And that the opponent should be attacked early, please. By the way, his home game dream debut with the early header after a lift by Lakenmacher has nothing to do with the fact that as an Austrian you can handle snow better: “I can’t ski and I can’t snowboard,” assured Holzhauser. Around 30 helpers had already met at around five in the morning to clear the ranks of snow, for which Köllner later expressly thanked them.

One of the big problems for the lions recently was their play structure, the defenders often couldn’t find any passing stations in midfield. This problem has not yet been resolved, as Zwickau’s 1-3 goal from Dominic Baumann showed (56′). Yannick Deichmann found a pragmatic solution before the 2-0: the guests had just scored an offside goal when Deichmann drove the ball almost all over the place on the right. Lakenmacher was only able to use the cross thanks to Zwickau’s help, but Deichmann’s enthusiasm for running and fighting was rewarded by the fans.

Despite the snowy terrain, the sixties drew on a better combination game than in the games before. Although it wasn’t an outstanding performance in this first third division home game of the year, it was the best for a long time. Next Monday, the lions will welcome Dynamo Dresden to the start of the second half of the season. A few points are still missing for the promotion ranks. So there is little indication that until the next game someone will lift the lid to release pressure from the boiler.

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