Cleaning sneakers: This is how white sneakers get clean

Cleaning sneakers: This is how white sneakers get clean

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Cleaning sneakers: This is how dirty sneakers get clean again

Pair of dirty white sneakers in the washing machine

White sneakers can be cleaned with a few simple household tricks

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As beautiful as white sneakers look, they all have the same weak point: Hardly worn, dust and dirt residues are visible on the new shoes. We will tell you how you can protect your shoes in advance and what home remedies help against light to heavy soiling.

It doesn’t matter what kind of sneaker it is: whether it’s made of leather or fabric, white shoes are – in the truest sense of the word – marked by their wearer. In fact, a light patina gives most models a fashionable touch, but this look is short-lived. As soon as dust and dirt take over, the new shoes suddenly look old and dirty. In order to avoid this, the first measures must be taken before arrival. If it’s already too late for that, you can use the following (household) tricks to clean white sneakers.

Cleaning gadgets for white sneakers

1. Shoe brush
When dry, light dust and dirt residues can be easily removed with an ordinary shoe brush for leather and textiles. Alternatively, you can also use a special Cleaning brush for sneakers and caps (also in combination with a cleaning foam) use.

2. Sneaker Cleaner
This product is a combination of brush and cleaning foam. Before the first application, the shoes must be freed from dust and dirt, then comes the Sneaker cleaner For use: First, the material (leather or textile) is worked on with circular movements, then the residue is removed with a cloth.

3. Dirt eraser
As the name suggests, a dirt eraser remove slight signs of wear on white sneakers (more precisely, it only works on the rubber soles and toes). To do this, the sponge is simply moistened slightly and rubbed over the affected areas.

4. White color care
There are these for white sneakers made of smooth leather shoe care with integrated applicator. According to the manufacturer, it can refresh the color again, but the shoes only have to be cleaned beforehand. Then the sponge is pressed lightly and applied evenly.

Cleaning sneakers: The best home remedies

When it comes to the topic of dirt, there is always some home remedy that should help – this also applies to white sneakers:

  • white man toothpaste It is said that they can easily remove visible signs of wear and tear on sneakers made of fabric or leather. Just put a small amount on an old, damp toothbrush and massage the agent into the material in a circular motion until it foams. Leave on for a short time and wash off the foam.
  • baking powder is an all-rounder that, in combination with a dab of transparent washing-up liquid, can also be used to clean white sneakers. In a 1:1 ratio. The incorporation works in the same way as with the toothpaste and here too the foam must then be dabbed off with a damp cloth.
  • A bleach can be used if the rubber soles are heavily soiled, as it is very aggressive. However, use it very sparingly and wear that bleach preferably with a small cotton swab. Put on a pair of rubber gloves beforehand to protect your skin.
  • detergent (preferably a colorless one) is also a tried and tested home remedy for cleaning white sneakers. Rub it sparingly into the material with a fine shoe brush or toothbrush until it begins to foam. Dab the foam off with a towel after a short exposure time and then let the shoes dry.

This will clean the laces again

While white sneakers should only end up in the washing machine if necessary, you can clean the laces in the machine without hesitation. It is best to place the fine cords in one laundry net – Alternatively, you can of course wash the material by hand (in warm water).

Preventive measures for white sneakers

If you have bought white sneakers, the top rule before trying them on for the first time is: waterproof them! Regardless of whether you have opted for shoes made of leather or a mix of materials – in order to protect the new shoes from moisture and dirt as well as from yellowing and fading from the sun’s rays, they should definitely be worn with a waterproofing spray (including sun protection factor) are treated. And since the effect wears off over time, you should repeat the treatment at regular intervals. There is even a special one to protect the white shoe seams and to remove dirt waterproofing pen.

That’s why the washing machine is only an emergency solution

We are used to cleaning dirty textiles in the washing machine – but fabric sneakers are not usually one of them. Because the fact is that water that is too hot, the detergent and also the spin cycle can attack the materials and make them unstable (i.e. the glue dissolves). In addition, the white sole often gets a yellow tinge. However, if the degree of soiling is so high that you cannot avoid the washing machine, you should heed the following tips:

  1. Stow the sneakers in one laundry bagso that they do not damage other textiles – or themselves.
  2. It is best to use a special one Detergent for sneakersalternatively a normal heavy-duty detergent is also possible.
  3. Wash the shoes as cold as possible, i.e. at 30 degrees or a special (cold) gentle cycle.
  4. Do not dry the sneakers on or under the heater as wet leather is sensitive to heat.
  5. Stuff the shoes with newspaper and then let them dry out in the fresh air.

And another note:
Wet sneakers look gray after cleaning, don’t let that unsettle you. You will only see the correct result when the material is dry.

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