Claudia Roth subsequently pays for the Oscar ticket after the Netflix invitation

Claudia Roth subsequently pays for the Oscar ticket after the Netflix invitation

Kculture minister Claudia Roth paid for her ticket to the Oscars out of her own pocket. A spokesman for the Greens politician confirmed a corresponding report by the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” on Thursday.

Roth got over just before the Oscars Netflix Germany received an invitation to participate in the ceremony. “This ticket came from the contingent the nine-Oscar-nominated crew of ‘No New West’“, it was said. “At the express request of director Edward Berger, Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth was to be part of the delegation for ‘Nothing New in the West’.”

“From their private funds”

Roth “happily accepted this invitation, which was also confirmed by the Academy, in order to support the film team at this award ceremony and to express their appreciation on behalf of the federal government on site”. The record four Oscars for the film gave reason for that.

“Now, when it transpired after the Oscar event that Netflix USA had apparently paid $2,250 per ticket for these accompanying film crew tickets, which included the ticket offered to the Secretary of State, the Secretary of State promptly reimbursed these costs to Netflix their private funds,” the spokesman said.

Roth is responsible in the federal government for the promotion of German film and has “submitted a proposal for the reform of the promotion system that has also attracted international attention”. In Los Angeles, she campaigned politically for the film location, German film and the nominated films, including the films “Tár” and “Triangle of Sadness”, which were funded in Germany.

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