Claudelle Deckert: actress leaves RTL-Daily “Unter Uns”

Claudelle Deckert: actress leaves RTL-Daily “Unter Uns”

Claudelle Deckert
Actress leaves RTL-Daily “Unter Uns”

After 22 years, Claudelle Deckert is not part of the "Between us"-Family more.

After 22 years, Claudelle Deckert is no longer part of the “Unter Uns” family.

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Schillerallee will have to get along without Claudelle Deckert in the future. As she announced, she is leaving the RTL Daily “Unter Uns”.

Claudelle Deckert (49) was one of the defining faces of the RTL Daily “Unter uns” for 22 years. Now it’s over: As the broadcaster announced, Deckert leaves Schillerallee forever. “I have to tell you something: I’m actually quitting, completely,” says the actress in an interview. Your Eva Wagner era is over. “I’ve found the love of my life and we’re building our new life right now,” Deckert explains her decision. You can’t be in Cologne as often in the future. Where it takes her, she will announce soon. Since April 2001, Deckert has been a permanent member of Unter uns.

In July 2022, the actress announced that she was taking a break from filming to spend more time with her husband Peter Olsson and “clear her head”. In October, however, she returned to the “Unter Uns” set. When she returned after three months, she was “immediately back in”: “It’s like you’ve never been away and that’s nice too.” She also missed some people who are particularly close to her heart during her break. spent her time off Deckert according to their own statements, mainly on Mallorca.

Farewell to Claudelle Deckert on “Unter Uns” will be broadcast on RTL on March 10th

How RTL further announced, the last scene with Eva Wagner alias Claudelle Deckert will already be shown on TV on Friday, March 10th. The episode will be available on the RTL+ streaming portal from March 3rd at 5:30 p.m.


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