Christian Lindner wants to support the monetary policy of the ECB

Bfederal finance minister Christian Lindner (FDP) does not want to thwart the turnaround in interest rates by boosting demand. The federal government is faced with the difficult task of having to support companies, but at the same time not driving up prices any further. "We have to fight inflation," said Lindner on Thursday at the Insurance Day in Berlin.

Philip Krohn

Editor in business, responsible for "People and Business".

the European Central Bank have announced a further trip in interest rate policy, which the German state must not counteract with additional spending. This is what differentiates the current situation from the corona pandemic. "We have to start on the supply side and not on the demand side," he said.

Companies and politicians had waited a long time for interest rates to rise and normalize. But nobody would have wished that the monetary policy measures had to be taken in such a difficult economic environment as after the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. The war brought suffering to people in Ukraine and shook the peace order.

Nevertheless, Lindner wants to support companies

However, his announcement should not be understood in such a way that the state is leaving companies to their fate. The sharply rising prices for energy imports, due to their effect on the gas and electricity markets, constituted "a real danger for actually healthy companies", said the finance minister: "There is a risk of an economic structural break." This new situation requires the full concentration of politicians. Banks would have to be put in a position to grant loans, for example through exemptions from liability. In addition, there will also have to be measures by the state.

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