Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner: Already joking after the accident drama

Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner
After the accident drama, he was already joking

Chris Evans (left) jokes with Jeremy Renner about his dramatic accident.

Chris Evans (left) jokes with Jeremy Renner about his dramatic accident.

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Chris Evans jokes after his colleague Jeremy Renner’s serious snow plow accident – and the actor sends a suitable answer.

US actor Jeremy Renner (52) has not lost his sense of humor despite his dramatic snow plow accident on New Year’s Day. His “Avengers” colleague Chris Evans (41) is now testing this.

Shortly after Renner posted a photo of himself in a bed undergoing physical therapy posted on social media would have, responded Evans with a tongue-in-cheek reply to his Marvel peers. “That’s a tough guy,” Evans wrote, and then asked, “Has anyone checked the snowcat?”. He was referring to the vehicle involved in Renner’s accident. “I send a lot of love,” the US star concluded with a red heart emoji.

And racers? He humorously tweeted back: “Love you brother… I checked on the snow cat, it needs fuel.”

That was what happened in the accident

The 52-year-old was seriously injured in the accident at the beginning of the year. As the responsible sheriff later announced, Renner was on New Year’s Day run over by his own snow groomer on his mountainside property a few miles from Lake Tahoe. He is said to have previously tried to free a family member’s car that got stuck after a heavy snowstorm.

When he noticed that it weighed seven tons vehicle started to roll after he got out briefly, Renner is said to have tried to jump back in. According to the sheriff, that’s when the actor was pulled over and suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries.

Due to the previous snowstorm, the emergency services had trouble getting to the scene of the accident. The star could only be flown to the hospital in a helicopter and operated on there about an hour after the emergency call.


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