China - ex-justice minister sentenced - politics

Shortly before the party congress in mid-October, China's head of state Xi Jinping demonstrated his power with a purge. Former Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua () was sentenced to life imprisonment for corruption by a court in Changchun, northeast China, state television reported on Thursday. Fu had pleaded guilty to accepting bribes totaling 117 million yuan ($18.1 million) in various offices over 16 years. Xi, who is running for another five-year term as head of state, has declared the fight against corruption to be one of the central tasks for the government apparatus. Former police chiefs in Shanghai, Chongqing and Shanxi were sentenced to lengthy prison terms earlier this week. Like Fu, state media say they are part of a "political clique" headed by former Public Security Minister Sun Lijun. Sun was expelled from the party in 2021. He is accused of "cultivating personal power," probably a euphemism for endangering Xi's power.

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