China does not expect a new corona wave

TDespite the millions of trips during the Spring Festival, the Chinese government does not expect a second corona wave in the coming weeks. In the first wave since December, eighty percent of the population had already been infected, Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist at the Chinese disease control agency, wrote on the Weibo network on Saturday.

Friederike Böge

Political correspondent for China, North Korea and Mongolia.

Many Chinese celebrated the turn of the year at the weekend for the first time in three years with a larger family circle. In previous years, travel restrictions due to the pandemic had made this difficult. Others made the decision out of concern for their parents or grandparents corona to infect, also this year against a trip home.

The Year of the Rabbit began on Sunday with crowds in many places. Tens of thousands of people gathered on the grounds of the Buddhist Hongluo Temple north of Beijing to pray for professional success, health, wealth or the birth of a child. Some Chinese used the days off to go on vacation abroad for the first time in three years.

The Ministry of Tourism announced that group travel to selected countries would be allowed again from February 6th. Such trips had been stopped because of the pandemic. The only two European countries on the list are Switzerland and Hungary. The reason for this may be that in both countries there is no obligation to test for people entering the country China consists. Hungary is not following a corresponding EU recommendation. Russia is also on the list.

Contradictory corona numbers

Defended at the traditional banquet of the Communist Party Central Committee for the Spring Festival Xi Jinping his corona policy again. The life and health of the people were protected to the greatest possible extent, said the state and party leader on Friday evening. At the same time, the economy and society were restricted as little as possible. The corona policy has been continuously optimized. He did not go into the reasons for the drastic turnaround in December, which caught hospitals in the country unprepared.

The disease control agency announced on Sunday that another 12,658 corona patients had died in hospitals within a week. This increases the official number of corona deaths to around 62,000 since the move away from the zero-Covid policy. Experts assume that the actual number of deaths is many times higher.

The figures presented appear contradictory. For example, China reported a 70 percent increase in hospitalizations to the World Health Organization in the week between Jan. 9 and Jan. 15. At the same time, the Health Commission in Beijing announced that the number of seriously ill people had fallen by more than 40 percent between January 5 and 17.

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