Chico: He didn’t pay for his third winning ticket, the money for that is already gone

Chico: He didn’t pay for his third winning ticket, the money for that is already gone

Lottery Millionaire
Chico didn’t pay for his third winning ticket himself – the money for that is already gone

Lotto millionaire Chico

With the lottery ticket, Chico became a millionaire – and now he has won again


Within a very short time, Lotto-Chico has already raked in the cash. This time, however, he was given the bill as a gift. For this he returned the favor generously.

He’s just a lucky guy. For the third time in a few months Kursat Yildirim, better known as Chico, won a tidy sum playing the lottery. The big difference to his last two wins: Chico didn’t even buy the ticket himself this time.

He reports to the “image”. “My friend Apo gave it to me,” he tells the newspaper. Although his longtime friend has his own car, Chico occasionally drives him around when his wife and children need the car. A few weeks ago he played taxi again. And Apo gave him the winning ticket as a thank you.

Lucky gift

He actually wanted to pay for the tank filling, buddy Apo tells the newspaper. But Chico didn’t want that. “I just bought two lottery tickets. Chico was allowed to choose one. It was actually just a little fun,” reports the buddy. But Chico’s luck in the lottery stayed with him: the ticket he had chosen had five correct numbers. The prize: 2684.90 euros.

“If there was a 3 in row 12 instead of a 40, it would have been almost a million again,” Chico can hardly believe his luck in an interview with the newspaper. But he didn’t want to keep the money – and gave it back to Apo for his children’s savings accounts.

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Old friends

The two Dortmunders have a long friendship. When Chico arrived with his parents from Turkey 30 years ago as a twelve-year-old boy, he met his friend on the soccer field on the same day. They have been close friends ever since, they report. “Sometimes he lent me money, sometimes he got help when I was in a bad way,” Chico recalls. “He always treated me with respect, I’ve never forgotten that.”

After his sudden wealth, Chico would have to learn very quickly that this is not something that can be taken for granted. Contrary to the recommendations of experts, the former crane driver had quit his job and started publicly squandering his profit of almost ten million euros. Not only did he have to experience envy for this, scammers also quickly targeted his money. In conversation with the star he also reported envy and hostilities. “They’re waiting for me to crash, I swear. 99.9 percent of the people.”

Of course, as a real friend, Apo can’t let the fact that he has now gotten his thanks back for the friendship service: he now wants to invite Chico to the noble Italian restaurant.

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