“Chez Krömer”: Jens Spahn on the trial of strength with Kurt Krömer

ARD program “Chez Krömer”
Showdown with Kurt Krömer: how Jens Spahn tries to be funny – and fails

Jens Spahn visiting Kurt Krömer

Jens Spahn was a guest on “Chez Krömer” and let Kurt Krömer put him through his paces in the interrogation room.

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At the start of the new season of “Chez Krömer”, Jens Spahn went to the interrogation cell. His attempt to be funny bounced off Kurt Krömer’s humorless questions.

Anyone who voluntarily goes to “Chez Krömer” as a politician or celebrity must have a clear mission. Being put through the wringer by Kurt Krömer for 30 minutes in the cramped interrogation cell is no fun. And not everyone has taken the risk well so far. The Berlin SPD leader Raed Saleh, for example, made a fool of himself in the talk show in 2020, “Oh dear, Herr Saleh!” headlined afterwards “Daily Mirror”.

Also Jens Spahn Ambitions are said to be in Berlin’s local politics. Maybe that’s why the former health minister tried so hard on the RBB program to be particularly relaxed. Very irritating: the native of Munsterland spoke in Berlin dialect: “That’s right” or “Hammse just read aloud”, the 42-year-old curryed himself with the artificial local dialect of the moderator and the audience – and should not have impressed anyone.

Jens Spahn wants to be funny

Spahn’s attempts to come across as particularly funny quickly hit the mark Kromers lack of humor, who confronts Spahn with numerous allegations that have been made against the CDU politician in the media in recent years.

Spahn switched from easy-going to politician mode in a flash and shows himself to be a tidy man with a clear conscience. He summarized his own corona management as follows: “The mask affair went shit, the bottom line was that vaccination and testing went well.”

Otherwise, he had an explanation ready for all allegations. The fact that his Ministry of Health bought masks from Burda Verlag, for which his husband is a lobbyist: he didn’t know anything about it. His previous involvement with the Politas lobby agency? A “stupid mistake”, but there were no conflicts of interest.

Kurt Krömer can’t get to his guest

When Spahn dismissed the “Spiegel” report, according to which the minister wanted to give away useless masks to refugees, with the words: “It wasn’t like that in this case either,” Krömer briefly bursts his collar: “It’s funny that that things weren’t always like that.”

But no matter how hard the moderator tried, he couldn’t get past the political professional Spahn. The member of the Bundestag is simply too savvy for that.

In the end, the only new insight remained: Jens Spahn pumps. At least that’s what Kurz Krömer found out. In the credits you can see how the Berliner touched his guest’s biceps. At that point at the latest he will have realized: There is nothing to win in a showdown with Jens Spahn.

The current episode of “Chez Krömer” is available in the ARD media library

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