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As early as the 19th century, the strange ways in which their fellow Americans thought and behaved occupied the minds of London gentlemen when they gathered in their clubs for lunch over roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. As so often, the poet Oscar Wilde summed up the uneasiness about the uncouth invaders from the new world in the right words. Roughly translated, he stated that America was "the only country that has fallen from barbarism to decadence without having built a civilization in between".

It would probably be a bit of an exaggeration to say that Thomas Tuchel was dismissed Chelsea FC to describe it as barbaric, although he himself would not object, and that an American handwriting was behind his rude expulsion is beyond doubt after the US businessmen Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali took over the West London club in the summer. The characteristic of decadence can also be seen as fulfilled in this context, since the new owners paid around 15 million euros for the compensation for the coach Tuchel, who was removed without necessity, and the recruitment of the successor Graham Potter even a few million euros more. The decisiveness in spending money indicates that it means nothing and everything to overseas men at the same time.

An all-star game in the Premier League? Jürgen Klopp has the right answer

Doubts about the culture of the new men at Chelsea had been raised in insider circles for a long time. A few weeks ago, the sports entrepreneurs Boehly and Eghbali, who are involved in baseball and basketball in the USA, are said to have suggested a 4-4-3 field formation to Tuchel - according to their calculations, twelve friends are on the field for football. As the self-proclaimed sporting directors of Chelsea FC, they are said to have taken other initiatives that spoke of entrepreneurship but not of expertise in running a football club.

Todd Boehly has now suggested adding an all-star game to the calendar of the premier league in which the best players from clubs in the north play against the best players from clubs in the south. Purpose of the brilliant idea: to generate more money. Maybe so that you can put it into even higher severance payments. Putting professionals from Everton FC and Liverpool FC or from Tottenham and Arsenal in a common eleven would have been seen as a violation of civilization 100 years ago by the gentlemen. Now a German took over to answer Boehly's suggestion appropriately. "Does he also want to bring the Harlem Globetrotters and play against a soccer team?" replied Jürgen Klopp on behalf of old Europe.

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