Cheers to the routine jobs

Cheers to the routine jobs

Et is one of the truisms of the computer age that employees have to live in constant fear of robots – at least if they have mainly been doing routine jobs up to now. It seems only a matter of time before these people are no longer needed as workers.

Alexander Wulfers

Editor in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

According to popular belief, if you are lucky enough not to lose your job, you cannot hope that your salary will make any big leaps. As machines learn, the market value of those that don’t have more to offer than their mechanical competitors drops.

New research now offers at least some hope for those stuck at their jobs. The economist Ronald Bachmann from the RWI economic research institute in Essen, together with three colleagues, took a closer look at what has become of jobs since the 1980s, which at the time were particularly characterized by routine and little thought.

Professions change

In the as yet unpublished study by FAS. available in advance, the authors state that it is true that many of these professions have been left behind financially. But that is by no means the case for everyone. Some have even improved about as much as occupations that were among the most demanding at the start of the study.

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