ChatGPT is just the beginning

ChatGPT is just the beginning

The artificial neural networks that are so popular in AI are based on our idea of ​​the brain.
Image: FAZ

Artificial intelligence has reached a new level that concerns everyone. The currently so popular voice system “ChatGPT” and Google’s “Bard” are just the beginning.

STuart Russell, an internationally renowned expert in artificial intelligence (AI), once suggested the following thought experiment: what if humanity found out that in fifty years a possibly intellectually superior extraterrestrial civilization would arrive on earth? Russell raised this question during a discussion about if and when there might actually be computers comparable to the human brain. And why it is worth dealing with it now.

When artificial intelligence developed after the end of the Second World War began to develop as an independent discipline, the pioneers of the time had exactly this vision: They didn’t just want to invent an unbeatable chess program, but to decode human intelligence as a whole and reproduce it technically – with sufficient computing power and proven mathematics. There have been numerous completely exaggerated predictions since then. And even in more recent surveys, the assessments of AI experts sometimes differ considerably when they are supposed to predict when the original goal of their subject will be achieved.

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