Charges brought against alleged “Reichsbürger” von Boxberg

NNine months after a raid in Boxberg, Baden-Württemberg, the federal prosecutor Charges were brought against an alleged “Reich citizen” who is said to have shot at police officers during the operation. Ingo K. is accused, among other things, of multiple attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm, the authority in Karlsruhe announced on Wednesday. When the officers entered the property in April on suspicion of illegal possession of weapons, they were shot at.

K. is said to have fired at the special forces from his apartment through the closed shutters with a rapid-fire rifle. One of the police officers was hit in both legs, another slightly injured his elbow while trying to take cover. K. changed position several times during the shooting to meet the police officers, the federal prosecutor said.

He only left his apartment after two hours because he saw no other way of averting the search. Several firearms, including three automatic rifles and two submachine guns, and more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition were stored within reach in the building. K. was not authorized to own the weapons.

The man has been in custody since April 21. He represents the ideology ofReich citizen”, deny the existence of the Federal Republic and do not recognize the sovereign powers of its representatives, the federal prosecutor said. The Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart will now decide whether to admit the charges.

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