CDU party congress votes for the gradual introduction of a women's quota

Hanover the CDU gradually introduces a quota for women after decades of dispute. At the party conference in Hanover on Friday, 559 delegates voted for one from the new party leader Friedrich Merz proposed compromise.

This stipulates that the quota will be limited to the end of 2029. After a passionate debate, 409 delegates voted against the new regulation, eleven abstained.

Merz had previously spoken out in favor of a quick decision to introduce it. "Let's not postpone this discussion and this decision again," said Merz. Delegates subsequently rejected a motion to organize a membership survey before a decision was made.

Merz said that due to the corona pandemic, in which the CDU have only held digital party conferences in recent years, a lot of time has already been lost. If the vote were postponed again, "we would probably have a two-year ongoing discussion about whether we should do it or not," said Merz. "Then this question, as we are discussing it now, will accompany us into the year 2024. Does that make it better? Will that make things different?” As in his party conference speech, however, Merz did not expressly support the quota.

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The women's quota has been controversial in the CDU for decades. Above all, the business wing and the young party youth of the Young Union (JU) rejected them vehemently.

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