CDU Deputy General Secretary Stumpp: New impetus for Merz

DYou could see her joy as she walked onto the podium to the polite applause of the delegates. "There is a lot to do, let's tackle it," said the first deputy general secretary of the CDU. The party conference had just taken place in Hall 2 of the Hanover Fair Christina Stump elected, with 89.6 percent of the votes.

The delegates did not put any questions to Stumpp after her short application speech, and there was no opposing candidate anyway. The 34-year-old from Baden-Württemberg said she was applying “formally and with great humility”. CDU must become a place of renewal. And her party is serious about renewal.

Not yet visible in party work

No matter how happy Stumpp was after the election, Stumpp hasn't changed as much as it seemed in Hanover. After all, she has been acting for months as “acting deputy chairperson” alongside the party leader Friedrich Merz and General Secretary Mario Czaja.

It is said on the edge of the CDU party convention. However, that is not surprising. After all, she still lacked the power of attorney.

Her main points, which Stumpp touched on in her speech in Hanover, are well known. Stumpp is supposed to take care of the base of the party. So grassroots work. The fact that nowadays this no longer just means traveling through the republic and sitting for many hours at the tables of outdated local associations has meanwhile become commonplace in the Union as well. The need to catch up is obvious. In the "social media", the CDU, like the SPD, performs significantly worse than the smaller parties represented in the Bundestag. Stumpp should ensure that this changes and that the messages of her party on Twitter - where she is not active herself -, Facebook and Instagram get more voters than before.

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