CDU chairman Merz defends statement on “little Paschas”

Dhe CDU chairman Friedrich Merz defended his Pascha statement made in the ZDF program “Markus Lanz”. It is a necessary discussion “that we talk about the question: What is actually going wrong in this country?” He said on Friday in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin”.

In schools, teachers often have the problem of being recognized by the students, who often come from immigrant families. According to Merz, these topics have to be discussed, because “what goes wrong at school can hardly be corrected afterwards in society”.

In the context of the riots on New Year’s Eve, Merz said on Tuesday evening at “Markus Lanz” about dealing with teachers: “And then they want to call these children to order and the result is that the fathers appear in the schools and that forbid. Especially when it comes to teachers, that they correct their sons, the little pashas, ​​from time to time.”

According to March, the party wants to regain its economic policy competence at the closed conference of the CDU federal executive committee in Weimar, which begins on Friday evening. As he stressed in the morning magazine, the economy, energy and climate should no longer be viewed as separate issues. The CDU leader would like to bring his party “up to date” on technical issues.

As the main opponent in the forthcoming elections this year, the CDU identified the greens. Merz does not want to counter the problems that Germany has to deal with with bans, but with incentives, research and development. The question of how we can and must live with climate change must also be addressed, said the CDU leader.

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