Caucasus: Nancy Pelosi visits conflict region – politics

A few days after the attack by Azerbaijan Armenia US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned the crime during a visit to the Armenian capital. She spoke of an illegal and deadly attack in Yerevan on Sunday. “America stands by Armenia and supports its security and democracy,” said the US Democrat.

According to Yerevan officials, 135 Armenian soldiers were killed in the attack. Azerbaijan lamented more than 70 deaths in its own ranks. The oil and gas-rich South Caucasus republic of Azerbaijan attacked Armenia on Tuesday night. Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of previously provoking. The militarily weak country rejects this. After two days of heavy fighting, a ceasefire has been in effect since Thursday. The ex-Soviet republics have been at war with each other over the Nagorno-Karabakh region for decades.

This time, according to information from Yerevan, it was not the conflict region that was attacked, but the heartland. Armenian parliament leader Alen Simonian said at a press conference with Pelosi that Azerbaijan had used international attention to the war in Ukraine to “brutally bomb” the country. He called for Western sanctions against Azerbaijan, which is an important energy supplier for the EU, in order to end the country’s expansionist drive.

Pelosi stressed that the “territorial integrity of Armenia” was important to the US. “The aim of our visit is to understand what Armenia expects from the US and what support we can provide.” Traditionally, Russia is the protecting power of Armenia. However, there is increasing criticism in Yerevan that Moscow is overwhelmed by the war in Ukraine.

Pope Francis has expressed concern about the recent armed conflicts in the Caucasus. “I am deeply dismayed by the new fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia. My spirit is with the families of the victims,” ​​he told thousands of pilgrims on Sunday after praying the Angelus in St. Peter’s Square. The pope called on the warring parties to respect the ceasefire and strive for a peace agreement.

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