Cathy Hummels: With a video she says goodbye to her marriage to Mats

After the separation
“Goodbye my Lover”: With this emotional post, Cathy Hummels says goodbye to Ex Mats

Cathy Hummels Mats Hummels

Cathy Hummels and Mats Hummels married in 2015

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In her documentary, Cathy Hummels spoke at length about the separation from soccer player Mats Hummels. Now the influencer heralded her new phase of life on Instagram – with a farewell posting.

Cathy Hummels would like to lead an independent life. Independent of her longstanding reputation as a player’s wife and also financially independent of ex-husband Mats Hummels. The moderator recently made this clear in her RTL2 documentary “Cathy Hummels – Everything at the beginning”. To herald her new phase of life, the Munich native now said goodbye.

Cathy Hummels says goodbye to Mats

On her Instagram profile she shared a photo collage with joint pictures of herself and her former partner Mats. They show the couple relatively early in the relationship, at the wedding in 2015 and shortly after the birth of their son Ludwig.

She highlighted the video with James Blunt’s song “Goodbye my Lover” – a clear message. “Goodbye my lover – Die love is gone, a great friendship is growing!” Hummels writes about the collage. Mats Hummels provided her post with a “Like”.

In her RTL2 documentary (available on RTL+), the moderator and influencer speaks right at the beginning about one of the hardest times in her life. “We tried to avoid the breakup,” she explains. “But in the end it was Mats who said: ‘I can’t do it anymore’,” reveals the Munich native.

Crux of the Before was Hummel’s move to Dortmund again when he switched from FC Bayern Munich to BVB. His wife didn’t want to go with him at the time. “The reason I didn’t go was because I lived in Dortmund for eight and a half years and just had two very severe depressions,” she reveals in her documentary.

She didn’t want to move with him

“Mats expected or wished that I would be in more often Dortmund “I know what I need and I had a choice: either I lose him or I lose myself,” she explains, on the verge of tears. The traditional family pattern – the woman stays at home, the man earns the money – was no longer feasible for Hummels.

After the two hadn’t said anything about rumors of separation for a long time, Cathy Hummels is going on the offensive these days. She speaks honestly and says goodbye to her ex-husband openly and visible to all fans. In the comments under her post she finds some encouragement, but also criticism. And not every fan believes the split is final. “Something – something deep inside me says this isn’t the end,” writes one subscriber.

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