Cathy Hummels: “I’ve now accepted myself as I am”

Cathy Hummels: “I’ve now accepted myself as I am”

"I accept all challenges that my life throws at me"explains Cathy Hummels.

“I accept all the challenges that my life throws at me,” explains Cathy Hummels.

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Cathy Hummels is beginning a “new phase of life in which self-care is a priority,” says the 34-year-old.

Cathy Hummels (34) reinvents itself. “A new phase of life” begins for the presenter, entrepreneur and model, as she reveals. In the interview, she confidently chats about “a healthier, happier and new version of myself”.

“I feel comfortable in my body and have now accepted myself as I am,” explains the 34-year-old. She consistently puts a stop to negative comments on social media. Also the separation headlines around her Before she does not comment with Mats Hummels (33). “It’s so important to take care of yourself,” emphasizes Hummels. “Because when you’re happy with yourself, you radiate it.”

“I’m making a fresh start. Mentally, physically and visually. Cathy 2.0” – with these lines you commented on new pictures of you. What exactly distinguishes “Cathy 2.0”?

Cathy Hummels: Cathy 2.0 is basically a healthier, happier and new version of myself. From now on a new one begins for me stage of life, in which, above all, mindfulness towards myself is capitalized. To my soul, but also to my body.

Why was this new beginning necessary, what bothered you about the “old” Cathy?

I am mother and at the same time an entrepreneur and I have gained a lot of experience, especially through my depressions, and would now like to use this to develop myself personally – to an even stronger and more conscious version of myself.

What challenges did you have to overcome to do this?

There are always ups and downs – all of life is a challenge! I think it’s important that you always try to make the best of the situation. My general motto is: “Everything happens for a reason”. That’s why I accept all the challenges that my life prepares for me and there will certainly be some more to come. You learn from mistakes. I try to emerge stronger from crises and to grow.

Do you feel completely comfortable in your body now?

I feel comfortable in my body and have now accepted myself as I am. I think there’s no point in getting involved with others Women to compare, because that only makes you unhappy. It’s better to recognize your own merits and focus on what you have than on what you might be missing. Nobody is perfect. An authentic and honest charisma of a woman is the most beautiful thing.

What advice can you give to women who doubt themselves and their bodies?

I can give women the advice that you can do something about certain things. Especially when it comes to health and fitness, you have a lot in your own hands. The same applies to the topic of self-care: It is so important that you take care of yourself, that you take care of yourself – not only physically, but also mentally! Because when you’re happy with yourself, you radiate it! And a beautiful charisma is pretty much the most beautiful thing a woman can have.

As a model, designer and brand face, you are well versed in beauty issues. What are your top beauty tips?

For me, true beauty comes from within – only those who eat healthily and provide their body with sufficient and, above all, high-quality nutrients also shine on the outside. However, I don’t know anyone who manages to eat the required variety of fruit, vegetables, nuts and co. every day. Therefore, dietary supplements have been supporting me for a very long time.

How much time do you invest in your appearance?

That varies from day to day. If I’m not on a shoot or a shoot, I usually don’t wear make-up at all and enjoy cozy outfits. I always take care of myself in everyday life. In the form of fermented food supplements such as Regulatpro Collagen from Dr. Niedermaier and a general healthy and fresh diet, I make sure that my body and my skin are optimally supplied with the right and, above all, very high-quality nutrients. I also consciously take time for myself and select what and who is good for me.

And what do you do for your inner beauty?

I do a headstand every day – it keeps you young! I hardly drink alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t eat white sugar and drink fermented vegetarian collagen and vegan hyaluronic acid every day. I try to keep my positive mindset as good as possible every day. I also allow sadness. I have learned that this is not a bad thing. It’s important to give space to your feelings. to deal with them.


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