“Carnival Row” returns with Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne

“Carnival Row” returns with Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne

“Carnival Row” returns
With Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne star in "Carnival Row".

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne star in “Carnival Row.”

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Carnival Row, starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, returns after a long hiatus. That’s what viewers expect.

After a very long break of almost four years, the popular fantasy series “Carnival Row” returns to the screens of Amazon Prime Video. On February 17th, the first two episodes of season two were released on Amazon’s streaming service. The main actors fight again Orlando Bloom (46) and Cara Delevingne (30) as Rycroft Philostrate and Vignette Stonemoss through the main location of the series called The Burgue “Carnival Row”.

“Carnival Row” ends with season two

Fans of the series have to accept that the second installment of the show will also be the last. that gave Amazon known last November. Season two consists of ten episodes. Two new episodes will be available to stream at once on Prime Video each week, with the grand series finale expected to arrive on March 17th.

That happened in the season one finale

At the end of the last season, events in the fantasy city-state of The Burgue overturned. After Death Chancellor Absalom Breakspear (Jared Harris, 61) takes over his son Jonah (Arty Froushan, 29) the government power. Jonah has the fairy district of Carnival Row fenced off, creating a ghetto. Fairies and humans should no longer be able to mix in the future.

Meanwhile, Rycroft Philostrate professes his fairy nature and lives with Vignette Stonemoss in the newly established ghetto. Lovers Agreus (David Gyasi, 43) and Imogen (Tamzin Merchant, 35) take Jonah’s ship to leave the burgue and find a new home.

That’s what the second season of “Carnival Row” is all about

This is exactly where the events of season two begin. “Philo” and his partner Vignette live together in the ghetto, but disagree on how to respond to the oppression of the fairies and other magical beings by humans. In the very first moments of the new season, Vignette ambushed a human train to steal valuable supplies.

Meanwhile, Philo is drawn into his old life as a cop when a gruesome series of murders rocks the city. His old colleagues ask the former inspector for help with their investigation, but are also skeptical of him now that they know his true nature.

After the death of the witch Aoife Tsigani (Alice Krige, 68), Vignette’s former partner Tourmaline (Karla Crome, 34) seems to have inherited her supernatural powers. Imogen and Agreus end up fleeing in a neighboring city-state that is based on a radically new model of society. The two are amazed at this.

“Carnival Row”: That’s why season two is worth seeing

Even though “Carnival Row” ends with the second season, viewers should not miss the new episodes of Amazon’s elaborate fantasy production. Because even in season two, the steampunk series created by the co-creators Travis Beacham (43) and René Echevarria (61) is still captivating with its rarely shown urban fantasy setting.

In addition to the usual opulent equipment with a love of detail, the cruel oppression of the fairies and fauns comes to the fore even more clearly than before on the action level of the series. At the same time, the very different lovers Imogen and Agreus experience what real change in the world of “Carnival Row” can look like.

Last but not least, the Amazon series is carried by the grandiose chemistry of the two main actors Bloom and Delevingnewhose rousing love story also has a few surprises in store for viewers in season two.


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