Car industry - winter tires are becoming more expensive - economy

Anyone who needs new tires for their car in the coming months will have to pay around a fifth more than a year ago. This is evident from figures from the Check24 and Alzura portals. The tire trade association BRV is also observing rising prices because the manufacturers are struggling with rising costs from a number of different perspectives. Until recently, important raw materials such as carbon black and synthetic rubbers largely came from Russia and the Ukraine. In addition, high oil, gas and electricity prices drove up production costs. In a survey, Check24 calculates a price increase of almost 21 percent for the 100 best-selling winter tires via the portal. All-season tires have also become more expensive, but a little less at 16 percent. Alzura notes an 18.9 percent increase in dealer purchase prices. Over the year, the BRV expects an inflation rate in the low double-digit percentage range.

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