Car drives into bus stop: four dead in Bratislava

Bratislava: Police officers work at the scene of the accident at a bus stop.
Image: dpa

Seven other people were injured in the accident in the center of the Slovakian capital. It is still unclear why the car drove into the waiting crowd on Monday night.

Im center of the Slovak capital Bratislava A car drove into a bus stop on Monday night, killing at least four people. According to the police and fire department, at least seven other people were injured. At the bus stop on the edge of the historic old town, there were numerous people waiting for buses to go to Petrzalka, the most populous district south of the Danube.

It was initially unclear why the car drove into the waiting crowd. According to media reports not confirmed by the police, the driver is said to have been drunk. There were initially no indications of a terrorist intention.

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