Car drives in group of revelers - four injured

Empty bottles previously filled with alcoholic beverages in front of an ambulance with blue lights on. (archive image)
Image: dpa

The revelers had stood in front of a restaurant and partly on the road when the car drove into the group. Two of the injured are in mortal danger.

Ein 49 year old man is in Ruesselsheim drove his car into a group of revelers standing on the street. According to initial findings, two people were critically injured in the accident on Saturday night, a police spokesman said early on Saturday morning. Two other people were slightly injured, and several others were also in shock. More detailed information about the injured could not be given, also because some of those affected would have gone directly to the hospital. The police are looking for witnesses.

According to the police, people celebrated the curb (church fair) on Friday evening. A larger group was in the Bauschheim district outside of a restaurant, with some people also standing on the road. The driver probably didn't see the group or saw it too late, said the police spokesman. He assumes an accident. An expert was consulted.

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