Captain Manuel Neuer's One Love armband under discussion

ZTwo months before the German national team's first World Cup game against Japan, the debate about the appropriate attitude towards tournament host Qatar continues. The focus of criticism is currently the captain's armband, intended as a symbol for the DFB team and other major football nations such as England, France or the Netherlands, with a color scheme resembling the rainbow flag. pros like Manuel NeuerEngland's center forward Harry Kane or France's world champion goalkeeper Hugo Lloris want to wear them in Qatar as a clearly visible sign on the upper arm.

"To me, this idea seems like a poor attempt to step on nobody's toes - neither the Pride movement nor the organizers of the World Cup. But human rights are non-negotiable,” said FDP Secretary General Bijan Djir Sarai the German Press Agency on Friday. "If you want to stand up credibly against discrimination and for human rights and diversity, then you should also have the necessary backbone," warned Djir-Sarai.

"That seems weak. It's not even the Pride flag, it has other colors on it. If it's the only thing about attitude from DFB comes, it would be embarrassing to catastrophic. I expect from the DFB and I also think that there will be more," said the representative of the fan organization "Our Curve", Dario Minden, the "Tagesspiegel".

Daily confrontation

The legal situation for members of the “LGBTIQ* community” in Qatar is currently the focus of criticism - even more than the critical situation for guest workers. Representatives of the “LGBTIQ* community” have so far advised against traveling to Qatar. The English abbreviation stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans people, intersex and queer people. The asterisk is a placeholder for additional identities and genders.

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