Capital Bra: Two hearts for colleague Samra

Capital Bra
Two hearts for colleague Samra

Capital Bra (left) and Samra in Berlin a few years ago.

Capital Bra (left) and Samra in Berlin a few years ago.

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They were thought to be inseparable, but they broke up. Now, Capital Bra confirms he spoke out with Samra.

Capital Bra (27) and Samra (27) were once considered an inseparable duo in the music world. At the beginning of 2021, however, there was a break – despite their success. With the joint album “Berlin lives 2″, which was released in 2019, the rappers were able to secure the top spot in the official German charts, among other things. In the meantime, the two seem to get along again.

In an Instagram story, Capital Bra posted a picture of what appears to be him video chatting with Samra. The rapper not only posted “@samra”, the Instagram name of his colleague, but a “100” emoji and two hearts. So everything ok between the two? “Yes, we have spoken out”, confirms Capital Bra of the “Bild” newspaper. “In the end we both approached each other after a lot had happened. Thank God everything is fine again!”

Samra was “like a brother” to Capital Bra

Likewise Capital Bra announced on Instagram in January 2021that Samra was “like a brother” to him. Everything was the same for the two: management, producers, sales. He even called Samra’s mother “Mama” at the time because he loved her like his own. But his colleague “let himself be persuaded by people who weren’t there before success came, I wouldn’t begrudge you your success – and you just believe that shit”. On his further way he wishes Samra “only the best”.

Samra expressed in February 2021 then “to what happened with Capital”. They also had a “brotherly relationship” besides music. “For me, however, fraternity does not belong in social networks. Therefore, I will not make any further statements about the past. Our time together is over.” He wishes Capital Bra “all the best for his private and musical future”.

Apparently, fans can look forward to the rappers getting back together musically. According to “Bild”, Capital Bra will soon provide information about new projects with Samra.


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