Bushido against Abou-Chaker: manipulation of secret recordings?

DSteffen Tzschoppe could not resist making a comparison with the forged Hitler diaries. The lawyer for the rapper Bushido said on Wednesday before the Berlin district court that the magazine “Stern” had relied on an expert in 1983, who had been fed the information from the forger. In his opinion, it was similar with a report about his client: Last week, “Stern” reported on an audio recording that was secretly made at a meeting between Bushido and his former manager Arafat Abou-Chaker is said to have been recorded on January 18, 2018.

Bushido testified in court that he was locked in Abou-Chaker’s office for more than four hours at the time and was also threatened and injured. According to the audio recording reported by “Stern”, the meeting only lasted two hours, and Bushido was neither threatened, nor insulted, nor injured. The authenticity of the tape was examined by “one of the most renowned forensic experts for audio recordings in Germany,” who found no evidence “that anything was removed or added here,” the report said.

The recording is now before the court. It was submitted last week by Arafat Abou-Chaker’s lawyer and is now to be checked for authenticity and completeness. The Berlin clan boss is known for secretly recording conversations, 65 such recordings were once found by the police on one of his mobile phones. However, the recording, which is said to have been taken on January 18, 2018, was not among them. Bushido’s lawyer Tzschoppe is convinced that she was manipulated. It is not known who paid the expert from “Stern” and what information he worked with, he said on Wednesday. In his opinion, no expert can rule out that this is a forgery. “For example, changing the timestamp is child’s play.”

Auto black box as evidence to the contrary?

Tzschoppe still believes his client that he was in the office for more than four hours – and he also has an idea how to prove it. Last week he researched the chassis number of the car that Bushido drove to the meeting in January 2018 – a Mercedes-Benz GLS 350. This car has a black box that records when a car is where exactly – and this black box gives there.

Tzschoppe apparently assumes that the data proves that Bushido was on Puderstraße in Berlin for more than four hours on January 18, 2018, where Abou-Chaker’s office is located – and it is therefore clear that the sound recording is incomplete. The lawyer wants more information about this, but he was unable to present it on Wednesday. The trial was suddenly interrupted during his statement “because part of the court was not doing well”. It should continue on Monday.

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