Bunker Palace: This is how luxuriously the super-rich are supposed to flee from catastrophes

Watch the video: The company promises an underground bunker palace – the super-rich should flee catastrophes so luxuriously.

This provider of bunkers promises nothing more than an underground fortress to its wealthy customers.

Through this elaborate advertising video, not only the super-rich have become aware of the bunkers. Introducing the luxury underground fortresses.

The Swiss provider “Oppidum” wants to represent a paradigm shift in the protection of one’s own belongings. The bunkers are not only functional, but also offer pure luxury in the event of a disaster.

The most extensive and luxurious model, “L’Héritage”, is intended for larger areas of around 1000 square meters and offers some high-tech features, as an animated video shows.

For example, access to the underground car park in “L’Héritage” will be via a barely visible ramp. The main entrance is an airlock fully equipped as a decontamination chamber. At the door, a biometric reader simultaneously scans face, iris, palm and fingerprints.

A private art gallery, conference rooms, spa areas and an inner garden – the super-rich should not lack for anything even in a state of emergency.

“L’Héritage” will be built with around 24,000 tons of concrete and 1.5 tons of steel. The technology sounds like it’s in a movie: all the important systems work autonomously, with backup circuits that are supposed to react immediately when it becomes necessary.

There are also two independent air filter units: one for so-called “peacetime” and a secondary unit at military level, which is intended to provide NBC protection, i.e. protection against nuclear, biological and chemical hazards.

And it goes even further: The bunkers are completely airtight and gas-tight and should be able to be completely isolated from the outside atmosphere if necessary. Water is drawn from a private underground well. Pantry cabinets and medical equipment are inspired by NASA technology and are said to last months to years, according to the supplier.

The only question left is: What is all this for?

We have an optimistic view of the world. But not all events are foreseeable or avoidable. It’s wise to be prepared to weather the storm if necessary. In an uncertain world, an “oppidum” offers peace of mind. It is a place of power that allows our customers to preserve and protect what matters most to them. – Jakub Zamrazil, Founder

However, you have to be able to afford it. When asked by stern, the company did not want to provide any information on the costs of the luxury bunker. There was also no information on how popular the underground fortresses are at the moment.

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