Bundeswehr: MAD investigates soldiers on suspicion of extremism

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MAD investigates soldiers on suspicion of extremism

The entrance to the Office for the Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) in Cologne.  Photo: picture alliance / dpa

The entrance to the Office for the Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) in Cologne. photo

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Feldjäger and other soldiers are said to have formed a right-wing extremist group. The Military Intelligence Service is investigating the incident.

Of the Military intelligence (MAD) is investigating a group of soldiers for indications of right-wing extremism. The Bundeswehr members are suspected of belonging to a possibly right-wing extremist group called Nordbund, the Ministry of Defense informed the representatives in the Bundestag on Monday.

"Some of the soldiers in question are members of the military police," said the briefing, which was intended to provide further information on a MAD operation in March. After that, another employed Feldjäger internally the suspicion of misconduct in the armed and masked operation.

Also a bodyguard suspected

"At the time of the concerted survey campaign in March 2022, it was a group of people in the single-digit range against whom there were corresponding suspicions," said the information, which is classified as classified information and was available to the German Press Agency. One of the suspects was trained as a bodyguard. It will be checked whether he was still in action in March. "However, it is ensured that the suspect will not be used as a bodyguard until the investigation is completed," the ministry said.

Since a threat could not be ruled out, military police were also deployed to protect MAD employees when the suspects were questioned in March, the Ministry of Defense said. A violation of the separation requirement between "intelligence service activities and police-executive danger prevention and criminal prosecution" is not apparent. The tasks performed by military police are also not a question of an internal use of the armed forces that is subject to constitutional reservations, but of military police measures as part of routine operations.


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