Bundeswehr condition continues to deteriorate

NNine months after the start of the Russian war in the Ukraine, the armed forces according to defense experts worse than before. Doubts about the upgrading of the Bundeswehr for the defense of the country and the alliance do not only exist at the military base.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces is also preparing for the sluggish implementation of Parliament’s resolutions Eva Högl (SPD) concerns. “We cannot allow ourselves to continue like this. The situation requires a change of direction, quickly and consistently,” she told the FAZ. Högl said the effort was there, “I’m afraid it won’t be enough.”

Criticism is also growing among members of the Bundestag. The deputy chairman of the Union parliamentary group, Johann Wadephul (CDU), sees the social democratic minister as responsible for the poor state of the armed forces Christina Lambrecht.

Nine months after the announcement of the special fund, it is depressing that the Ministry of Defense is failing to implement the necessary procurement measures, he said. “There is a lack of political will and leadership from Minister Lambrecht. Under their responsibility, the Bundeswehr is getting weaker instead of stronger every day. This is a fatal development right now.”

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