Bundestag changes the Atomic Energy Act: A bit of nuclear power

Ea little peace, a little pregnant, a little nuclear power. Almost all factions had to squirm in the nuclear debate on Friday because they neither wanted to openly commit to the technology nor could they completely reject it in the energy crisis. Parts of the are torn SPD, but above all the Greens, who tried with some tricks to prevent the regular further operation of the three kilns. And yet the doubters decided on Friday exactly this stretching operation in the Atomic Energy Act, at least until mid-April 2023.

The Union, which in 2010/2011, together with the FDP, initially transformed a red-green exit into a lifetime extension and then decided to exit after “Fukushima”, now wants to order new fuel rods. However, it is said that this will not change anything about the move away from nuclear power. The Liberals are actually of the same opinion as the Union, but have to accept the power of the Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) add that there will be no new staff and that the nuclear power will finally come to an end in the spring.

Government and opposition are jointly responsible for the energy misery: Red Green for the first phase-out of nuclear power, black and yellow for the second, black and red for the premature end of coal and dependence on Russia. The Greens supported the coal policy and railed against Nord Stream when it came to gas, but not against the fuel itself: As a “temporary solution” they wanted to build additional gas-fired power plants – plants that are now considered wasteful and electricity price drivers.

The right thing to do would be to hit the “reset button” and be honest. Yes, the grids and renewables must be expanded. No, they are not sufficient and require controllable background capacities. Yes, these can be fossil carriers, but Germany will not achieve the climate goals with them. And therefore: Yes, the CO2-poor and inexpensive nuclear power must remain online for as long as necessary. The target triangle of climate protection, security of supply and bearable prices is achievable. But not with stubbornness and finger pointing, but with an intelligent energy mix.

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